In America

I’m back, albeit seriously jet-lagged.

The flight home was mostly unremarkable.  I got my business upgrade which was blissful and sat next to a grandmother who spoke no English so I did a fair amount of embarrassingly poor translation for the stewardesses (there was at least 1 bilingual flight attendant on the flight but he had his hands a little too full to assist with our “beef or fish?” sorts of issues).  An aside: it took a solid 10 hours for the flight attendant in our section to realize I was pregnant.  Apparently black really is slimming, even for a beach ball belly.

Our flight was delayed for 2 hours, the computers in the diplomatic immigration line in Chicago were broken, and after finally making it to my connecting gate with just 10 minutes to spare, I nearly missed the flight anyways because the gate guy’s accent was a little thick and I didn’t understand him for the first 3 boarding calls and assumed he was boarding a flight to Philly.  I guess I’m used to to the wrong accent at the moment.

Since being home for 48 hours I’ve taken 4 naps, woken up at 3:30am 2 days in a row, eaten a lot of organic fruits and veggies, slept with open windows, washed a load of baby clothes and blankets, sat outside in the fresh air, driven a car, freaked out because people actually stop at stop lights, accidentally took a walk during a torrential downpour, met my OB during the shortest doctor’s appointment of my life, watched 2 beautiful cardinals go at it in a backyard turf war, started a batch of rhubarb jam and given in to my cat’s relentless demands for head scratches and treats.

My goal for the next 6 weeks is to soak up the last of my kid-free lifestyle doing all sorts of anti-social things like writing all day, cooking all day, and taking long naps.  A dense metropolis, Green Bay is not so I’m already starving a little for human contact (and I miss Chris like crazy) but I’m hoping to make the most of the isolation to do all the sorts of things that won’t be as easy to do 6 weeks from now.   Oh and I plan to do as much of it as possible outdoors in the sunshine or at least with the windows wide open. 3 cheers for clean air.


3 thoughts on “In America

  1. I found myself just staring at the blue skies when we would be on R&R from Beijing. Enjoy your time back in the US and enjoy every ounce of fresh air!

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