Calling for More Book Recommendations!

10 days until I leave for the States which means my to-do list is growing like woah.  A small sampling if you will:

1. Pack 3 months worth of clothing & supplies–bonus points for packing non-maternity clothes that actually fit after the blessed event

2. Finish washing all baby stuff in Chengdu and put away somewhere everything can’t get too dusty while we are gone

3. Clean the house, clean out the fridge, make sure Chris has food and supplies for the 5 weeks before he joins me in Wisco.  Make sure ayi will do laundry for him while I’m in Wisco.  Make him promise to eat something besides 5 kuai noodles and Peter’s Tex Mex.

4. Interview new ayi, figure out pay/schedule, write up list of chores in Mandarin to be done while we are in the States

5. Get all of my work stuff wrapped up

6. Cook lunch for 15 people-scratch that, cook a Sichuan lunch for 15 people because most of my Chinese colleagues are not the biggest fans of Western food-what was I thinking?

7. Make time to hang out with all of the people who will leave Chengdu before I get back

8. Hang out with my fabulous mother-in-law who is visiting us this weekend

9. Figure out the most awesome weekend in Chengdu ever to pre-celebrate our wedding anniversary/Chris’ almost first Father’s Day

10 . Hope, pray, light incense, do a rain dance, consult an oracle, in hopes of getting my business classs upgrade from Beijing to Chicago.

As it stands now I am booked for the 40th row in economy, in the 5 seat middle row, in the middle seat.  Seriously??  Beijing travel lady, were you purposely trying to torture the 8 month pregnant lady?

I’ve come up with a little equation to express exactly how I feel about this whole situation:

  • 40 rows multiplied by
  • the number of times I have to get up to pee in one hour (3) multiplied by
  • the number of hours we will be flying (13) multiplied by
  • the amount of pee I will have to avoid on the floor/seat/sink/walls of the airplane bathroom (10 gallons) plus the square of 
  • the volume of swelling my lower extremities will endure being stuck sitting in the middle seat  for 13 hours (unknown) multiplied by
  • the likelihood that the person in front of me will recline their seat all of the way back until I am pinned by my belly to my seat without any hope of even using my tray table (195%)
  • equals =
  •  5% of exactly how pissed off  I will be at United by the time I submit to (yet another!!!) x-ray machine. 

In other words, this upgrade had better come through.

And if it doesn’t, I better have some really mind-blowingly fantastic reading material to distract me from my little quadrant of hell in seat 40E.

But no pressure or anything!

Any good books you’ve been reading lately?

I’m looking for a 3 or 4 books that can last me from at least Siberia to the Great Lakes.  I’ll take long, complicated novel suggestions as well as good baby/childhood development books.

An aside: Did you know that on the flight from Beijing to Chicago we fly almost straight over my final destination in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

Whenever I see it on the flight map I always wish I could ask the pilots to just drop me off on the way to O’Hare, thus avoiding customs, more security, and a 4 hour wait which culminates in boarding a tiny little puddle jumper for the 35 minute flight back up to Green bay.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Let’s talk books, what have you been reading lately that you just can’t put down?


6 thoughts on “Calling for More Book Recommendations!

  1. The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S.Lewis

    And Pete’s TexMex rocks!!! My kids still dream about the milkshakes there!

    Have a safe and easy travel, hopefully in business!

    • Oooh I loved reading the Chronicles as a kid, I could definitely reread them. And I’m in total agreement with your kids on the Peter’s milkshakes! I don’t know what it is about them but they are the one Western food I’ve had here that is actually better than I’ve ever had in the States. Reminds me I need to go have one more before I head back! 🙂

  2. I’ve been telling everyone under the sun to read Stacy Schiff’s biography of Cleopatra. It’s not a novel, but reading Cleopatra’s story for the first time through her perspective instead of that of her male conquerors certainly is. And, furthermore, you can’t beat the Pulitzer Prize-winning writing!

  3. just finished Blood, bones and butter- gabrielle hamilton’s memoir. (chef at prune on the lower east side.)
    I know you love eating, cooking, etc- you’ll likely enjoy this one. safe travels and Good luck with that upgrade thing, I’m hoping for one as well when I leave for Johannesburg next week!

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