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Year 1 in Chengdu

Chris and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and so I thought I’d surprise him with a book full of pictures from our first year in Chengdu, something he’s wanted since like month 2.

Turns out its sort of hard to hide 5 hour editing jags night after night and he caught on pretty quick.  Ah well, maybe next year I’ll be a little more surprising!

We don’t have the book in hand yet but overall I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at putting together a project like this.  Not all of the photos are my best but they do a good job telling the story of our first year here and it was fun to put this together and reflect on all of our memories.

Like Novakistan and some other around the blogosphere, I jumped on the Blurb train. I used their Book Smart program to lay out the pages and, aside from a few snags and buggy bits, it was simple to use.  If I was going to be a huge perfectionist I would have probably liked something a little more robust in terms of customization and design options, but then again, I also wish I had a photo editor more advanced than what comes with iphoto.  Ok fine, I’ll admit it, I worship at the alter of Adobe and miss the access I had to Illustrator and Photoshop that I had at my old job. 🙂

Regardless though, this was a fun project for me and, given my resources, I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Wanna see?


One thought on “Year 1 in Chengdu

  1. Oh my gosh. The book is amazing! The photos, the layout, everything. What a great gift! I’d love to put something like that together for our time in Nicaragua.

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