In America

I’m back, albeit seriously jet-lagged. The flight home was mostly unremarkable.  I got my business upgrade which was blissful and sat next to a grandmother who spoke no English so I did a fair amount of embarrassingly poor translation for the stewardesses (there was at least 1 bilingual flight attendant on the flight but he had his … Continue reading

Moments / Thoughts

Year 1 in Chengdu

Chris and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up and so I thought I’d surprise him with a book full of pictures from our first year in Chengdu, something he’s wanted since like month 2. Turns out its sort of hard to hide 5 hour editing jags night after night and he caught on pretty … Continue reading


31 Weeks Update

1. I leave for the States in less than 3 weeks.  Thumper is due 6 weeks after that. 2. Less than 9 weeks until we get to meet him, I remember when he was only 9 weeks along and this moment seemed like an eternity away. 3. I emailed the man who will be Thumper’s … Continue reading