The ‘Du These Days

The photo above is from our local fresh market, a great place to buy vegetables and flowers and an even better place to pick up great snacks and the tastiest morsels of fried dough you’ll find this side of anywhere. It’s one of the perks to living here, the chance to get up early on … Continue reading


Random Updates

1. Sorry for the absence lately.  I’ve got about 7 posts drafted and another 5 in my head but I’m in one of those phases where I can’t stand anything I write.  Great for getting better, not so great for getting anything posted. 2. One of the posts drafted is in honor of my amazing … Continue reading


We bought a crib…

Image Source …From Walmart.  My yuppie, liberal, bleeding heart is well…bleeding.  But we’re ok with it. It wasn’t long after we found out I was pregnant that I started obsessively casually browsing cribs on the interwebs. Having never shopped for a crib before I assumed it would be easy to find something we liked: clean lines, non-toxic, … Continue reading