China in Photos

Where Graphic Design Meets the Language Barrier

Yes the word I believe you were looking for was “Where” as in “Where Amazing Happen”  (We’ll worry about suffixes later).

Actually, underneath that unfortunate basketball placement, there may be a real, live letter “e” ready and waiting to shine.  So, A for effort I guess.

Are you a wannabe member of the grammar police?  A person who derives a strange and perverse pleasure from copy-editing?  Welcome to China: Your Personal English Literary Nightmare.

I suggest imagining your happy place and remembering the golden rule of written English in China: it’s not written for you anyways, it’s written for native Chinese readers, as a sort of decorative element–not a mode of communication.

Similar to all of those lovely Chinese characters tattooed to the back of our fellow Americans’ necks.  They think/hope it means “peace” but does it really??  Same deal.

Up next time we talk China v. America: why most Chinese tourists think American food is absolute crap…hint they’re eating “Chicken lo mein” from your neighborhood take-out place…


One thought on “Where Graphic Design Meets the Language Barrier

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