25 Week Update

Technically the photo above is from 24 weeks, but you get the idea: big belly, stretchy shirts, still can’t take a good self-portrait, etc Baby Movement: Kicks when I lay in bed at night, after a sugary snack, whenever I’m sitting around for a few hours, oh and whenever I’m slouching badly.  Baby doesn’t like … Continue reading


Thinking on Thursday

* It’s Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh and even Calvin and Hobbs all rolled into one.  How much better could it get?  Well, it’s $5, signed by the author/illustrator, James Hance, and the proceeds are helping to pay for his daughter’s medical care. Somewhat needless to say, we’ve ordered it.  I doubt we’ll spoil our … Continue reading

China in Photos / Travel


There’s a lot to love about a weekend in Guangzhou: Dim Sum. Hanging out with my mother-in-law. Sunshine. Public Transportation. Folk Art Museums. More Dim Sum. Street Fairs. Watch shopping. Scarf shopping. Food shopping. Great Japanese Food. A really nice steak. An early morning mother/daughter-in law chat filled with baby talk and cute stories about my husband … Continue reading