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The Weekend

Ugh it was one of those weekends.

The kind where you accidentally fall asleep at 8:30 on Friday night, wake up at 10:30 on Saturday morning, and suddenly heave yourself upright on a zombie-like quest to make cornbread muffins for breakfast.

And then you forget to add the corn.

You also forget that cornmeal in China is kinda rough and mealy and eating your muffins feels a little like eating a bunch of very very tiny pebbles with a little bit of butter and sugar.

But you eat like 3 of them anyway because, let’s face it, you weren’t ambitious enough to make bread or go to the store to get milk for yogurt last night.  And you used your last egg on your pebbly corn sans-corn muffins.

We had that kind of weekend.

The unfolded laundry in the dryer mocked me every time I walked by.  The plates piled by the sink instead of enjoying a timely wash.  The pile of mail and other assorted crap on the dining room table that I meant to clean up on Friday night grew up, had babies, and multiplied so that it now threatens to take over the last clear space left on a table big enough to seat 6 people.

The house smelled like our neighbors’ sewage and home-cooking in that way that only a Chinese apartment can.  There’s nothing like the perfume of raw sewage mixed with burnt cooking oil wafting through a tiny apartment.  Especially when it’s not your own.

We attempted a homey hash on Saturday night with some delicious-smelling sausage and some incredibly uncooperative potatoes.  So uncooperative that they ultimate declared mutiny on the whole meal and had to be pitched, with the delicious sausage, into the garbage.  We ate plain salads for dinner instead.

Pregnant ladies who eat nothing all day but corn-sans-corn muffins and salads for dinner wake up STARVING at 4 in the morning, you should know.

By Sunday, the need to visit the grocery store was dire, so dire that we decided instead to try and find a mysterious barbecue restaurant south of town for which there is no known address.  It was a lovely tour of Chengdu’s “high-tech zone” but we never found the restaurant and returned home an hour and a half later, hungry and dejected.

Hmmm will have to ask our ATO about this one...

Cue 2nd boring salad in 24 hours.

Pregnant ladies who eat nothing all day but corn-sans-corn muffins and salads for lunch end up taking naps at 2 in the afternoon and wake up STARVING at 4 in the afternoon, you should know.

They also wake up with a bizarre desire to go to Tony Roma’s for a massive plate of ribs, IMMEDIATELY.  Something they NEVER do.

They might also wake up to find out there husband braved a Chinese grocery store on SUNDAY, on a COUPON SUNDAY, to get some basic supplies.  Because he’s just that awesome and that brave.

But, he barely made it out of that particularly Chinese death-trap alive.  In fact, he came straight down with another fever as soon as he got home.

So we decided to save Tony Roma’s for another day.

To make myself feel better, I made a whole pot of homemade, creamy, high-fat, macaroni and cheese.  Before I got pregnant, I ate macaroni and cheese like 3 times a year-mostly on camping trips.  Now I’m making my own from scratch at least once a week.

Girlfriend here needs her protein and her calcium, I guess.

Blurry photo courtesy of our dark kitchen and my rumbling stomach.

The oven is preheating right now for some chocolate chip cookies.

If that laundry is ever going to get tackled, I’ll need some serious chocolate-chip-driven motivation.

How was your weekend?


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