Potential New Camera/Diaper/All-Around Bag?

The SLR Sloop at the Photojojo Store

Can we talk about the remarkable similarities between diaper bags and nice camera bags?

Both have lots of pockets.

Both have contrast linings to enable easy-to-find-ness.

Both promise “wipe clean” abilities and waterproofness.

Both are often quite utilitarian and/or ugly-looking.

Both often compromise your ability to carry another, often more useful bag, at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about a new camera bag for a long time.  Not only is my current bag too small to carry more than one lens, but it’s also too small to carry anything else either.

Which is fine for a quick jaunt around the neighborhood but it also means if I think I’m going to want my long lens, I bring a backpack.  And when I’m traveling, I’m awkwardly shoving my entire camera bag into another bag in order to fit baggage rules.  My regular purse is darn near destroyed from the abuse at this point.

Not too mention that for as totally awesome as my current camera bag is (the easy to use waterproof cover is my favorite feature) it looks like a camera bag.

Which isn’t exactly stylish but, more importantly here in Paranoia Land (I mean, China) its sometimes best to look as if you aren’t carrying a camera.  Heaven forbid you walk by a McDonalds on a Sunday or something.

An aside: sorry if I sound a little down on China lately.  But the whole major freak-out over the Jasmine Revolution stuff is just getting soooo old and more than a little inconvenient.

Anyways, not only have I been thinking about a new camera bag for awhile, but I’m also in the market for a diaper bag now.

Ideally one that doesn’t look overly diaper-bag ish.  Ideally something that has a useful shelf-life somewhat longer than our kid is in diapers for.

Which got me thinking again about the similarities between diaper bags and camera bags.  And how much I like the camera bag at the top of this post and below.

Easy-to-clean features, pockets, plus camera bags have those nifty velcro dividers that allow you to customize the layout of your bag.  They are also, I think, meant to be a bit more durable than diaper bags, which I believe are meant to be gotten rid of after a rather finite amount of time.  Sure they make really pretty diaper bags now, but it’s still a diaper bag, not likely something you are going to want to hold onto for more than 3 or 4 years.  My favorite purse is still one my mom gave me when I was in high school.

The SLR Sloop at the Photojojo Store

And I had a thought-what if instead of buying a diaper bag and, eventually, a new camera bag, instead I bought a nice camera bag that I could also use mostly as a diaper bag when Thumper is little and later as a full-time camera/all-around bag?

And I mean why not?  Sure, there is the ick factor of dirty diapers but that is what wet sacks are for.  I might not be able to pack up my whole camera plus 12 hours worth of baby gear in one bag but for quick trips out, a camera plus some dipes and other accessories is probably doable?  And for longer day trips or overnight trips or airplanes, we’d certainly be using a second bag anyways.

Plus, I like messenger bags.  All of the diaper bag versions I’ve found complain about the main body being too narrow.  A foam-cushioned camera bag doesn’t suffer from this problem.  It’s built with a wider base on purpose.  Which also means it will sit up more easily without tipping over onto the floor when you put it down to change a squirming baby in a tiny, gross bathroom.

But alas, this bag I like, this casual and not ugly camera bag is expensive.  I mean, all camera bags are pricey and this one is certainly no where near the most expensive but still, it feels extravagant.

And, truly, the really great utilitarian black camera bags are great and utilitarian for a reason-they protect your camera like no one’s business and they are easy to use.  A yuppie and pretty version will certainly not be quite as rough-and-tumble durable even if it’s cuter to wear around at a barbecue.

But if it’s doubling as my diaper bag, does that make it worth it?  Worth a try at least?

Or am I just trying too hard to hold on to some last bit of hipness as I head towards motherhood?

Better question, would anyone have really called me hip to begin with?

No, probably not.  But it’s never too late to try.


4 thoughts on “Potential New Camera/Diaper/All-Around Bag?

  1. I had a camera bag that was a backpack. It worked great for holding my camera basics and kid basics. We moved to just a diaper bag (usually this or just a regular backpack) when we had more kids but the camera bag worked fine for one kid.

    I am neither hip nor cute though. Just highly utilitarian. We loved that the kids’ carryon could also carry the kid. Good luck figuring out what works for you!

  2. That has got to be the best bag I’ve ever seen, minus the price tag on it. I am very tempted to get one to double as a camera/diaper bag though. All the diaper bags I’ve gotten (in only 6.5 months I’m on my fourth in a vain attempt to find THE bag) really suck just for toting baby stuff let alone a camera.

    BTW- found you on google searching for a good camera/diaper bag 🙂

  3. Heather I am STILL, now a mother of a 7 month old, debating whether to get myself a nice camera/diaper bag. For now, I just make my husband carry my camera bag while we are out together, not ideal but it works. When I’m out by myself, I usually resort to iphone photos. I don’t drive in China and its just a little nuts to get home from grocery shopping while carrying a diaper bag, a camera bag, groceries, and a baby. Oh well, someday. Have you seen the epiphanie bags? I’m currently also lusting over one of those!

    • I really like my Petunia Picklebottom bag that a friend gave me, but the pockets aren’t padded for camera use 😦 If you can figure out how to pad them though, it’d be perfect! It is spacious enough for a whole days worth of food, clothes, cloth diapers, and toys on top of a camera 🙂

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