On My Mind Monday

1. We bought a yogurt maker, it changed our lives.  Put milk + starter yogurt in and 12 hours later-voila!  Tart, low-fat yogurt sans preservatives for less than a quarter of the price we’d pay to buy it at the grocery store!  For a delicious breakfast accompaniment, I doctored this granola recipe (added wheat germ, assorted seeds, ground almonds, whole almonds, copious amounts of dried coconut and maple syrup).  Yum.  We also used it to make some Tandoori Chicken for dinner, yogurt multitasks!

An Aside: why does yogurt not cause the same sort of reaction that cheese and milk do for my lactose-intolerant husband?  The man has been on an all-out yogurt binge since we brought the machine home and to no ill effect.

2. After realizing that my very minimalist make-up routine was doing absolutely nothing to cover up my “glowing” (read: totally broken out) pregnancy skin, Chris and I braved the crowds for an inaugural trip to Chengdu’s first and only Sephora.  It was fascinating.  Not only did the perfume and skin-whitening options dwarf the actual make-up selection by a magnitude of 5, but it seems Chinese people are only supposed to come in one of two or maybe 3 skin shades.  In the U.S. the lack of selection could have been the basis for a racial discrimination lawsuit, here it’s just business as usual I guess?  People, there are over 13 million Chinese people in this city and I can tell you right now, they come in way more than 3 colors.

3. Speaking of make up, holy cow concealer, where have you been all my life???  I always thought people were born with those glowing under eye areas and I was just totally unlucky.  Yay for looking awake and presentable again!

4.  We made bagels again this weekend.  Whole-wheat multigran, plain, and bacon-salt flavored.  They are delicious.  There is nothing better than a bagel so fresh that it slices like butter and so warm that when said butter is spread upon it, it melts instantly.  Remind me why I don’t do this every weekend?

5.  Chris came home from Beijing at 2am Saturday morning and I made him take the above photo of the Great Wall for me on his iphone.  Holy great camera in a little tiny phone.  Anyways, he was gone for 4 days and I really missed him.  After the first night of belting out show tunes at the top of my lungs, doing my pilates routine to an episode of Glee, and sleeping with “his” pillow every night in addition to my own, I sort of ran out of fun “home alone” things to do.  I guess things are just more fun when the hubs is around.

6.  Fun fact: we’ve been in China almost a year now and the most I’ve seen of Beijing is flying in and out of the airport.  Working on that one.

7.  Found this blog a few days ago and I’m totally inspired.  Chris and I decided long ago that teaching our kids to cook and hopefully instilling in them a love for preparing and eating good food is important to us.  Will I too be able to handle a 3.5 year old Thumper wielding a 9 inch chef’s knife?  We’ll see when we get there…

8.  I’ve realized that Thumper has a sort of rhythm to his bouncing around right now…and its all radio silence from the little in utero acrobat until lunchtime…

Uh oh, does this mean I’ve got another man in my life who I’m going to have to diligently persuade to wake up in the morning?  Does this mean Thumper will inherit his father’s tendency to make “wounded bear noises” at 6:30am?

Also, when you are sleeping on your side and your baby is punching the mattress beneath you, is this a sign that he’d prefer that you roll over already?  I can’t decide.

9.  I’m torn over the new NYT pay wall.  On one hand, I can’t blame them, I use and abuse the ability to read as many of their stories as I want for free.  On the other hand, I don’t want to pay $15-$35 every 4 weeks (and why not just make it monthly instead??) for something I’ve previously enjoyed for free.  On a third hand, is not subscribing even an option?  Isn’t my New York Times access sort like oxygen and gravity-necessary to life as I know it?

These New York Times people are smart, they wait until reading their paper online is so much a part of my daily routine that the thought of going without it seems as realistic and desirable as wearing a panda costume to work everyday.

10. Fun fact: I’ve also yet to see the freaking pandas.  I’m a horrible tourist of China, aren’t I?


9 thoughts on “On My Mind Monday

  1. You haven’t seen the pandas?!?!

    Good Lord, girlfriend!

    I mean, I can totally understand not having taken the trek to Beijing, but zheeze…

    Also, the Great Wall photo was awesome – you go, Chris!!

    Glad he’s home, and also wanted to tell you that your last blog post before this one – about all the books – was absolutely amazingly awesome. I’m coming back when I have time to read books.

    Also, you don’t make bagels every weekend because, um, it’s not like bagels make themselves. I’m sure it takes a whole heckuva lotta time…

    • Hehe, well I figure pandas here are the same as the pandas are in the National Zoo but that’s really no excuse. I’m just never in the mood to get up early to go see them! I’m sure we’ll go see them sometime before we leave Chengdu!! 🙂

    • It is “saffron” if not saffron. 🙂 Just one more thing I’m looking forward to in India, buying more spices-you can get saffron there cheaper than anywhere else in the world I think!

    • Yes, exactly! Actually, I never knew our saffron was probably not real until I watched an old Alton Brown episode of Good Eats a few months ago! Either way, it still colors up tandoori chicken very nicely?

    • We got a fairly inexpensive one ($30) with glass jars and still love it. Hope you find one you like too!

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