20 Weeks: The Halfway Point

I remember looking at my calendar after we found out we were pregnant and thinking 20 weeks seemed impossibly far away.

And now we’re halfway through.  As of yesterday, we’re now closer to the grand finale than we are to the beginning.  I remember squealing when I found out Thumper was the size of a blueberry at 7 weeks, now he’s as long as a banana?  Where did all that time go?

Oh crap, I already sound like one of those “they grow up so fast!” moms don’t I?  The other day I burst into tears imagining Thumper’s first birthday.  Hormones people, its the hormones.  I cried watching a Disney World commercial last night too and I HATED Disney World as a kid (true story).

Anyways, 20 weeks.  The halfway point.  All of a sudden my head is filled with thoughts like:

1. We still have 20 whole weeks until Thumper is here?  That will take forever!!!  I want it to be August now!!  Where are my chubby baby cheeks?? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way, I believe they are actually attached to the little one who has started kicking me when I wait too long to eat a meal)

2. ONLY 20 weeks until Thumper is here?  Chris and I have only 20 more weekends to sleep in and go out on dates whenever we feel like it?

3.  Hmm there’s a possibility my one maternity tank top might not actually be large enough to cover up this belly for the entire 9 months…

4. Are we really having a baby in 4.5 months and have we really bought him nothing yet save for a UVA onesie?

5. Now is probably when we should start clicking “Buy” on all of those baby items I’ve been meticulously researching

6. I’m down to 1 out of 3 functioning buttons on my pea coat.  It’s a race, can springtime beat my belly?

7. Chris thinks we need new luggage to replace our painfully large and clumsy duffle bags so as to more easily negotiate airports with a little one.  After doing Newark airport last month, pregnant, with the hub’s back thrown out, I’m totally inclined to agree with him.  Only in the Foreign Service would new luggage qualify as a legitimate new baby purchase.

8. Who cares about luggage??  I want to start buying a stroller and a crib and swaddling blankets and a car seat!

9. Mmm chocolate chip cookies sound good.

10. I wish Craigslist shipped like Amazon-for free and to China.

So that’s what’s in my head (among other things-mostly baby gear thoughts).  What’s in the baby bump?

A 10 inch long-ish baby!  Wow!  I just found some literature the OB nurse practitioner in Green Bay gave me when we visited and found a photo of what a real baby looks like in utero right now.  Amazing, stunning.  He looks like a real person, albeit with creepily transparent skin.  It was a really cool looking at those photos…until I flipped ahead to the page on “birth”…also with photos.  Holy trauma.  I’m just glad I’ll be experiencing labor from a slightly different angle than those photos were taken, thank you very much.  I had to double check to make sure the magazine was in fact for pregnant woman and not some teenage “safe sex or else” material thrown in by mistake.

Anyways, besides getting bigger, Thumper has also gotten more forceful in his swimming around lately.  Up until this point I’ve felt like a human washing machine with Thumper sort of whirling and swishing around inside.  Now I’m starting to get these hardcore upper cuts and roundhouse kicks finally, the kind that Chris would probably be able to feel on the outside if I could ever get his hand on my belly fast enough.

As for me, I’m feeling pretty good.  The crazy fatigue has pretty much been replaced by an equally crazy desire to be doing something domestic or baby-related whenever we are home.  Folding laundry has never been so satisfying let me tell you.  In my weekly “Your baby is now the size of a (insert fruit/vegetable comparison here)!” email, I just read that I’m supposed to have gained about 10 pounds by now and I think I’m pretty close.

I suppose this is only tangentally related, but recently I’ve developed an unexpected decaf-nonfat-latte fetish.  When I got pregnant I went cold turkey on my coffee habit, figuring it would be easier that way –I always liked my awake juice strong, black, and preferably more than just one cup.  I tried decaf but it just didn’t taste right.  Decaf lattes for some reason do though, as I figured out a few weeks ago.  Extra calories, extra calcium, what’s not to love?  Especially with a little cinnamon mixed into the foam-yum.  I’d normally be annoyed at the extra cost and calories but I figure for a few more months its a healthy-ish splurge.  Now I’m just wondering how I’ll wean myself off them.

One more comment, this one on belly shots.  I try, I really do, but the lighting in this house and the weirdly malfunctioning shutter on my camera are killing me.  This is the best we got for 20 weeks, courtesy of Thumper’s daddy-to-be in 20 weeks:



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