On My Mind Monday…now Tuesday

1. Japan, wow.  I can’t imagine a) getting through the earthquake b) enduring huge tsunamis c) then finding out about 3-4 nuclear reactors leaking.  The bad news just seems to keep coming, I can’t imagine the nightmare that so many thousands of people arel iving through right now.  Hoping that rescue and recovery and radiation containment goes as well and fast and humanely as physically possible. Is there anything we can do to help?

2. You might be wondering how the Chinese are taking the news of the earthquake.  Well, to be honest, I’m told that many people started out really happy about it, almost celebratory.  (No, I’m sure not everybody but the phrases “a lot of people” and “most people” were used during the conversation) This is a country where cab drivers routinely brag about how they can’t wait for WWIII with Japan, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more, less?  I will say though that, since learning of the true tragic scope of the disaster, I’m also told many people are now feeling more sympathy.  Aww that’s nice.  Remind me not to get on China’s bad side…ever. 

3. Just read that there’s been another explosion at one of the already-damaged nuclear reactors on the Japanese coast.  From what I can tell from the news reports, avoiding a full meltdown seems to just be a waiting game.  All but 50 of the most essential plant personnel have been evacuated but the news is pretty vague on what they’ll be doing to avoid the worst-case scenario.  Super scary, scary stuff.  I can’t even imagine being there.

3. Do we need a lighter note? A lighter note with a touch of edge? Here’s an op-ed on Charlie Sheen from the English-language Chinese newspaper the Global Times.  On why Charlie Sheen in not filial.  Rumors abound as to the true origin of the piece.  Tongue-in-cheek?  Totally serious?  Written by a laowai under a pen name as a joke?  Whatever the case, it’s hilarious yet sad, because remind me again what’s so wrong about throwing people who do really awful things to the court of public opinion for a thorough moral blasting instead of covering everything up?  Oh, that’s right, it’s bad for “harmony.” 🙂

Ok, I’ve probably written enough now to a) depress all of my readers and b) get my blog blocked for the gazillionth time.  Baby talk next time?  Shall we?


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