My Strange Nesting Habits

Within 24 hours of finding out we’d be having a boy, something happened.

It was like seeing those teeny tiny little feet on the ultrasound screen hit my optic nerve and set off a chain reaction in the previously-dormant mothering part of my brain.

Up until two Fridays ago, I had little interest in baby gear research or looking at baby gear.  Oh sure, I’d look once in awhile at things, but mostly I figured I’d outsource the serious research to Chris.

Holy cow, not anymore.  Not only have I read approximately 1,000 Amazon reviews in the past 5 days, but it has all of a sudden become imperative that I know now exactly everything we’ll be purchasing for this little bundle of joy.  I’m not talking just strollers and cribs people, I’m making a list of everything down to the waterproof crib mattress pads and the the Gerber-prefolds-to-be-used-as-burp-cloths details.

And while obsessing over baby gear is a lot of fun, I’ve taken the nesting thing to the level of even not-so-fun things.  Like double-checking 529 plans with my father (he’s a stock broker/financial planner), determining how much more life insurance we need, and making sure all of our investments and savings accounts are all up to date and accurate.

The other day I attended a first aid/CPR training and promptly informed Chris afterwards that we need an emergency preparedness kit at home, a “go-bag” for possible evacuations, and that our medicine cabinet/first aid kit is in need of some serious fine-tuning.

The other night (as I was furiously folding laundry-a chore I’m suddenly and uncharacteristically fastidious about) I had to seriously supress the urge to bake a lasagna.  Why a lasagna?  Oh you know, I just thought I’d get started now on stocking our freezer for when we return to China with Thumper…in September.  Pure insanity I tell you.

But who wants to read about college 529 plans on a blog? (besides me)  Hell, who wants to read about mattress pads or even cribs for that matter?  And we still have a almost 5 months to go!!!  Didn’t I promise this wouldn’t become a baby blog?

I know, I did, and I’m sorry.  Give me a few days to get over our son’s adorable little button nose and wee little feet for the moment and I promise I will return to sanity.

But until then, expect some baby gear posts and some shameless requests for advice…


3 thoughts on “My Strange Nesting Habits

  1. I randomly found your blog from the foreign service blog list. Having been in your position just over a year ago (shopping amazon before a baby while thinking about layette shipments and medevac’s – we’re in Seoul), I’d like to recommend the book Baby Bargains. It was very helpful.

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