It’s a…



Hmmm he looks a lot cuter/more human on the paper copy than on the computer.  Must have something to do with the low resolution of the scanner.

But anyways, its a boy!  We’re excited!  And weirdly enough, I wasn’t surprised.

When we first found out we were pregnant, I sort of subconsciously  assumed it would be a girl.  After all, I’m a girl, my only sibling is my sister.  I like boys (obviously) but the idea of carrying one in my womb seemed strangely foreign to me, almost not realistic somehow.

So for the first 12-15 weeks of being pregnant, when people would ask me what I thought “it” was, I’d always say I wasn’t sure, Chris would always answer, “a baby, of course!”  In my head though, I always pictured a girl.

And then one morning in bed a few weeks ago, out of the blue, I rolled over to Chris and said, “I think we’re having a boy.”

I had no idea why I said it, it was just one of those things, one of those unthinking epiphanies that rises out of one’s gut.  But it stuck with me and the more time that passed, the more I realized I believed it.

Which is all to say, I wasn’t totally surprised when the doc told us Thumper is a boy, but that didn’t make the official revelation any less exciting or awesome, even if it was a bit bizarre to have my son’s…shall we say “equipment” pointed out to me by a very nice man in a white coat whom I’d just met.

That morning was such a beautiful, experience, I spent half the airplane ride back to Chengdu trying to brand it into my memory forever.

The morning was warm and breezy, there were beautiful red and purple flowers on all of the bushes, the walk to the doctors office took just 5 or so minutes, the clinic looked like something out of an issue of Dwell. The doctor was amazingly thorough and professional and able to read the Chinese chicken scratch on my test results from Chengdu and he spent literally 30-45 minutes patiently pointing out all of Thumper’s vital organs and structures and showing us the blood flows and reassuring us that everything looked good and normal.

He checked the blood flow in the uterus and noticed a notch in diastolic pressure that sometimes leads to preeclampsia in some women.  For me, he said to start taking some calcium supplements and it wouldn’t likely become an issue.  Woo hoo!  Super calm and thorough and no drama.  Amazing.

He gave a gazillion pictures and then sent us off into the hot Singapore sunshine where we giddily called our parents and then walked around the botanical gardens grinning like idiots and FINALLY referring to our son as “he” and “him” and not “it.”

Chris asked me I was at all disappointed to find out if we were having a boy and I realized that, far from being disappointed, I was ecstatic to be having a boy.

I am a girl, I know a lot about what it’s like, I still remember a lot of how I thought at the ages of 6, 8, 10, 12.  I know what kind of developmental stages girls go through.

I don’t inherently know those things about little boys as much and, to me, the opportunity to learn all of that stuff and to see it and to learn how to be a mother to and take care of a little boy feels like an exciting challenge, a chance to learn a lot of new things.

I don’t really think there should be play things labeled as “boy toys” and “girl toys”, but I’m sort of looking forward to avoiding a pink phase with this first one (although if Thumper decides he’s into pink, that’s fine too).  I like the idea of Chris having a son as his first-born.  I can’t wait to see if he has the scrumptiously kissable chubby cheeks impish little grin that Chris had when he was a baby.

I would say the only thing I’m less excited about for having a boy is the baby clothes.  Its a fact: baby girl clothes are just wayy more plentiful and, generally, wayyy more adorable.  There really is just no cute boy equivalent to the pair of teeny-tiny glittery silver mary-janes I saw at a baby store in Singapore last weekend.

But, since baby clothes are not really the most important matters at hand, I have to say that, in spite of the heart-melting-into-a-pile-of-goo quality of 6 month year old sundresses,  I’m really excited for this baby boy.

Chris is too.  So are all of my Chinese colleagues who predicted a boy.*  Now we just have to hurry up and wait another 5 months for him to get here.


*I should note that they predicted a boy solely on the basis of the fact that I ” don’t put much efforts into my appearance, I’m not a girly-girl.”  Ummm hello, since when does brushing one’s hair and spending 3 minutes putting on make up each morning not count as effort? I even use a blow-dryer once every few months!






10 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Congrats! We loved all our medical visits to Singapore too. I think I could live there if only it had an R & R! Since your having a boy – check out the MADE blog. Not sure if you sew, but they are running a theme thing called ‘about a boy’ with all sorts of really really cute boy things. They did one last year too.

  2. Congratulations!! And the baby boy clothes have gotten WAY better in the past years. Enjoy your remaining pregnancy months — boy or girl, you will need lots of sleep the first few months — so go out to the movies or dinner and relish in adult time. What an exciting time for you!

  3. Just adding my congrats! (And I also have to agree that there are tons of fun boy things now too. We had just as much fun with clothes for our son as we did with our daughters.)

  4. Thanks everyone for the congratulations! We are so excited and its great to hear that my only superficial fear (baby girl clothes are cuter) is unfounded. We can’t wait!

    @Amy, I just checked out MADE, wow so much adorableness I hardly knew where to look! I can’t wait to start crafting some things for the baby

    @Kathleen, well you do have a pretty awesome older brother… 🙂

  5. So very exciting! I had my baby shower this past weekend and all of the “grand-generation” is convinced I am having a boy. Why? Because I don’t “look pregnant from behind” and my complexion is clear. Any truth to that? I also think boy, but my husband is convinced of a girl because I’m usually wrong with hunches.
    Anyway- congratulations. It’s such an exciting time.

    • Hmmm, people did say similar things to me about “not looking pregnant from behind.” At least one person hypothesized that since my baby bump was growing outward rather than more to the sides that it would be a boy. As for the complexion thing, sadly I have not been as fortunate as you! Maybe next time around!

  6. Awww, a boy – how exciting! We are loving our little guy and I know you will love yours too. If we get posted in the same living area in Delhi our boys can play together. How cool would that be. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is enjoyable and your delivery – fast and easy!

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