The Singapore Botanical Garden

We’re back.

Singapore has lots of pretty flowers.

Sometimes weirdly focused or out of focus flowers can be pretty too.

If you are ever in Singapore and have some time, set aside a few hours to visit the Singapore Botanical Garden.  The vast majority of the garden is free, open to the public, and the perfect place for a slow stroll, a gorgeous run, a picnic, wedding photos, ultimate frisbee, or whatever it is you like to do on a gorgeous sunny 85 degree day.

If you like pretty flowers and/or taking pictures of pretty flowers, the $5 dollar admission fee to the orchid garden is an affordable and incredibly worthwhile splurge.

The garden was a convenient 10 minute stroll from our hotel, the U.S. Embassy, and the awesome doc for prego-ladies whom we met on Friday morning.  We’ve got some pics of that visit coming up plus the big “is it a he or a she?” reveal…


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