To Singapore We Go

Our computer is a little messed up tonight so no dice on the photos I was trying to put up.  It’s weird but whatever, I’m just grateful the VPN we use to circumvent the Firewall is back up and running.

An interesting aside: the Great Firewall currently blocks all sorts of things like Facebook, IMDB, searches for Ambassador Huntsman, my blog, ESPN sometimes, oh and most baby and pregnancy-related blogs (I think it must be the frequency with which words like “breast” come up).  Ironically, they do not block the customer service page for our VPN portal (or cooking blogs for that matter) and it is for that which I am eternally grateful.

Anyways, we leave tomorrow for Singapore where we will enjoy a full day of medical tourism, some oxymoronically-clean street food, and some  90 degree weather.

This weekend is partially being made possible by an awesome friend who generously lent me a bunch of her summer maternity clothes today.  Without her generosity, I’m pretty sure I’d spend the weekend a pile of sweaty black winter clothing slumped over on the sidewalk.  Flowing, sleeveless maternity tops sound wayyyy better.

It’s in large part also being made possible by our awesome nurse practitioner at post who set up all of my appointments and made all of the arrangements so that I can get a triple marker blood test and…and ultrasound!

This is the big one folks.  Do we have a little Thumper or Thumpette?  A little Bacon or Baconette?

Nooooooooo these are not real viable names for our offspring.  I just wanted to make sure you were still with me.

Although Baconette does sort of roll off the tongue nicely…


Anyways, we are basically beyond excited for this trip.  Like can not wait for this appointment tomorrow.  We are so excited that, even though our flight doesn’t get in until 1am on Friday morning and we have to be at the doctor’s office by 9am the same day, I still don’t know if we’ll be able to sleep.  We are that excited.

It’s not just the “is it a boy or a girl thing” we’re excited for.  We’re excited to count fingers and toes, do blood work, make sure everything is just fine and that we’ve got a healthy Thumper on our hands (or Thumpette–ok I promise I’m done now).  It’s amazing how much you can worry about someone you haven’t even met yet.  Our only ultrasound and tests so far were done right away at 7 weeks.  We’re looking forward to another big work up and chance to ask lots of questions.

In other baby news, I’m pretty sure Thumper has been squirming away more forcefully lately.  Sadly, sometimes the only way I can differentiate between my stomach growling and Thumper moving is by location.  If it’s low and on the right side, its Thumper.  If its high, I’m probably just hungry again.

Today though, I was sitting in my desk chair and reached around to my right side to grab something out of my purse.  My arm was resting low on my belly and suddenly I felt this swooshing squirming motion so strong that I could feel it on the underside of my arm as well.  It was so shocking, I could hardly believe it.  I can’t wait till Thumper does that often enough for Chris to feel it too.  He’s soo looking forward to that part.

Ok, enough baby talk for the night.  We’ll be back in a few days with lots of pictures, including a black-and-white one of Thumper, some big gender news, and hopefully a 3 month supply of kaya, if I can help it.

Have a great weekend!!




One thought on “To Singapore We Go

  1. Good luck and have a safe trip! My husband and son used to poke each other back and forth the last few months. (Also something fun is that your husband should be able to put his ear to your belly and hear the hear beat at some point.) So excited for you!

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