Potential New Camera/Diaper/All-Around Bag?

The SLR Sloop at the Photojojo Store Can we talk about the remarkable similarities between diaper bags and nice camera bags? Both have lots of pockets. Both have contrast linings to enable easy-to-find-ness. Both promise “wipe clean” abilities and waterproofness. Both are often quite utilitarian and/or ugly-looking. Both often compromise your ability to carry another, … Continue reading



My man is horrendously sick with what I can only assume is yet another visa-applicant-induced nasty virus.  Poor guy has been running a crazy fever, coughing, hacking like a maniac, and crying out in the middle of the night for me to take my temperature (Ummm, no, I think that would be you darling). So, … Continue reading


On My Mind Monday

1. We bought a yogurt maker, it changed our lives.  Put milk + starter yogurt in and 12 hours later-voila!  Tart, low-fat yogurt sans preservatives for less than a quarter of the price we’d pay to buy it at the grocery store!  For a delicious breakfast accompaniment, I doctored this granola recipe (added wheat germ, … Continue reading


Book Report

Last Septemper-ish I decided that, if I wanted to become a better writer, I should also become a better reader. I love to read, love, love love reading.  I devour the written word like some sort of starved literary animal and I’ll read absolutely anything I can get my hands on.  Books, magazines, the back … Continue reading