Yesterday we saw flowers, sunshine, and temperatures in the high 60’s.  Pollution levels were better than they had been in weeks and the oh-so-rare breeze in the air compelled us to throw open the windows, take a sun-drenched 2.5 hour nap on the couch (ok fine, that was just me) and free our pale white toes from the oppression of winter shoes and boots, at least for the day.

We even ate dinner al fresco:

Bleach-enhanced baby greens with leftover “Irish Chili” (some might call it “beef stew”) from our friends’ fantastic chili cook-off party.

It was a weekend of highs… (sunshine! breezes! dinner at Japanese restaurants with cool people! chili parties with cool people! a new peanut butter brownie recipe!)

…and just one low-like item: sucking marshmallow goo up into the mechanics of my hand mixer and thereby destroying it and my planned s’more birthday pie.

After devoting 4 hours to the first two steps of the pie (gingersnap crust, bittersweet chocolate filling), the drama was all enough to make the crazy pregnant lady throw up her hands, scream curses words at the deities of 220 volt electricity…and then grab a fork and dig into her tragically unfinished masterpiece.

It was freaking delicious.  And luckily enough was unharmed by the mixer disaster that I delivered a good half a pie to the intended birthday girl.  I’ll share some photos soon.

Happy almost spring!


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