HTML, R&R, and other abbreviations

This post is brought to you by the letters H, T, M, and L.

As in I’m finally taking baby steps to learn how to do all of the behind-the-scenes stuff that I usually just let wordpress do for me.

Here’s hoping I can turn into a total programming goddess churning out gorgeous CSS style sheets like nobody’s business by the time we leave for our next post.

I now know how to make words bold and italicized, and create a list with a header:

Things I did This Weekend

  • Made an ooey gooey St. Louis butter cake
  • Smelled fresh mangoes for the first time since last summer
  • Stayed awake to socialize 3 nights in a row
  • Made an ooey gooey wonderful homemade mac’n’cheese
  • Felt the wrath of round ligament pains for the first time
  • Did approximately 6 gajillion loads of laundry
  • Got a haircut and then promptly went home to re-cut it myself

R&R has done amazing things for my ability to tolerate Chengdu again.  I stand by my previous statement that I don’t think this is a place I could ever love, but time away has helped me rediscover all of the things I do like.

Things like dan dan mian for lunch and $10 dinners at the best kept secret Korean spot in all of Chengdu-known to approximately 10 foreigners total.

I may have yet to find a hair dresser who understands the concept of “layers” but the fact that my $11 haircut comes with a 20 minute head massage really makes an unsuccessful trip to the salon still feel worthwhile.

And of course, the smog and pollution are no better than when we left (possibly worse) but some sunshine fought through the haze today and the glow felt almost warm.  Vendors are selling tulips on the flower carts now and, knock on wood, I think spring is just around the corner.  Just in time.

I promised one more abbreviation in the title of this post so I’ll share a quick story from work today.

One of my Chinese colleagues was tasked today with ordering a new flag for our big outdoor flag pole.  She came into my office with a catalogue to ask what size an outdoor flag is supposed to be.

I stared blankly for a second before confessing that I had absolutely no clue, none.  So sorry.

Sometimes when I give these sorts of answers to our staff, I get an equally blank stare back and I imagine them asking themselves, “what kind of American is she?  She doesn’t know any of the sports words we need her to translate, she doesn’t get any of our American pop culture references AND she doesn’t know how big flags are supposed to be?”

Of course this may not be the case, but today, in response to my lack of response, my colleague said, “ok well maybe I’ll just go ask Christ.”

“uhhh excuse me?”

“Yea, I’ll just go ask Christ.”

So that is how all-knowing I’m expected to be?  If Danielle doesn’t know, just go ask the big guy upstairs?!?!?  And since when did my colleagues get religion??

Later I found out “Christ” was going to have the current flag measured and get back to us. Hallelujah.

Now I just have to figure out a tactful way to let it be known in my section that Americans don’t generally use “Christ” as an abbreviation for “Christopher…”



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