A Few Photos From Charlottesville

Nothing long-winded here today folks.  Just a few shots from my morning walks around town.  Including the one above from Charlottesville’s Free Speech wall.  We talked a lot of Egypt with Chris dad and all of the powerful stories coming out of that place.  Who knows what the future will hold, but all of those people coming together to protest peacefully was so moving to me.  Especially coming out of a place like China.

On a less serious note, the only other thing I’ll say in this post is, if you get the chance to visit Charlottesville, come hungry. In Green Bay I indulged in all manners of excellent homemade goodness.  In Charlottesville we ate out in style.  Italian food, mediterranean, Southern, brunch, bagels, yummy sandwiches and the best (and only) Caesar salad I’ve been able to eat safely in months.

Charlottesville will also go down in history now as the place where I ate the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my life: the chestnut cheesecake at Tavola.  I will be writing to Bon Appetit in hopes of garnering that recipe.

For some reason it rained a lot while we were in Charlottesville, hence all of the sort of gloomy pictures.

Chris dad graciously took us to Monticello for my first visit to the house on the hill.  We’re weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but wow!  The tour guides were terrifically knowledgeable and that house is just pure genius.  It was a dark rainy day and somehow the whole place–without a single light bulb on–felt bright and airy.  There were so many fantastic little systems and pulley devices and ingenius quirks to the house and the tour was just so much more captivating and marvelous than I would have ever imagined.

The only photo I left with was of the gnarly tree above but trust me when I say a trip to Thomas Jefferson’s home is well-worth taking.


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