And We’re Back

From this beautiful place.

Chris says hi:

In the aftermath of our whirlwind U.S. tour, I’ve got so many stories and pictures to share here.  Everything from insane sights over Siberia, to an “enhanced pat down” to a drunken cab driver flinging us down the side of a mountain, beautiful white sand beaches and 4 kinds of pie (deep fried key lime pie = deeply, disturbingly, delicious).  Plus the bid list just came out(!!!!) and I’ve officially got something of a baby belly going on.  Well, at least enough of one to hold up a pair of maternity pants pretty well.

I swear I’ll get to it all in good time but for now the jet lag makes me feel like it’s week 6 of this pregnancy all over again so, after a few more minutes of obsessive post research, I’ll be off to bed.



2 thoughts on “And We’re Back

    • Thank you so much Becky! I tried commenting on your blog about a week ago but something is just not quite right with my wordpress ID or something. Stay safe and I hope the violence somehow dies down. I’m glad you all will be headed to this part of the world next. China may not be my favorite place but it is one of the safest and most secure places I’ve ever been in and I’m glad you’ll be able to have that for your next post.

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