FAQ When People Find Out I’m Knocked Up

1. How are you feeling?

Now?  Much better thank you!  Had you asked me 6 weeks ago, I may have told you Thumper was going to be any only child.  Just kidding.

Most people ask about the infamous morning sickness.  Truth is, I didn’t really have any, thankfully.  Rather than throwing up, I just felt nauseous all day long and lost the will to eat anything but toast.  I seriously lived on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks on end.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so gross and unhealthy in my life.  BUT I never threw up.  And for that I am seriously grateful.

What I did have was “fatigue.”  When I read about it on all the baby websites they make it sound so innocuous.  As if “fatigue” simply means you’ll go to bed a few hours early after spending the day as a normal, functioning human being.  HA!

My experience?  I felt (and looked a little like) a zombie for about 8 weeks.  I would wake up at 7:15 after 10.5-12 hours of sleep and feel like I’d just been run over by 3 cement trucks in quick succession.  At work, I’d stare blankly at my screen (sorry boss!) until lunch when I’d close the door and take a nap.  After work, I’d eat my toast totally exhausted, lay on the couch with Chris and shuffle over to bed by 8.

I didn’t blog, bake, cook dinner, see friends, write, exercise, or do anything that couldn’t be done horizontally for weeks.  We even cancelled the Open House I’d been planning for months because I just stay upright long enough to work on it for even a few hours.

I’ve always been good at powering through on little-to-no sleep, but this “fatigue” was a different animal entirely.  All in all though, I pulled through and mercifully, the fatigue and nausea started to subside around week 10/11.  I know so many people have it wayyyyy worse so I feel pretty lucky.

2. Was this, you know, planned?

Some people get really pissed off by this question but it doesn’t bother me so much.  Our social circle is full of people from all stages in life– some married with kids, some in committed long term relationships, some still enjoying bachelordom at it’s finest– so it’s natural for people to be curious.  An aside: have you ever told a young, single man that you are pregnant?  I’ve told like 5.  Quite possibly one of the most fun “awkward turtle” experiences I’ve ever had.  Watch as their eyes scan the room for the nearest possible exit.

Kids are something Chris and I have talked about for a really long time.  Originally it was something we were planning to wait about another year on.  And then, something changed.  At one point on our honeymoon in Malaysia, we both sort of looked at each other and realized it was something we wanted to do sooner rather than later.

Of course then, because it is us and we like to hash out our decisions over and over and over again, we spent a couple months debating the finer points of whether now versus 8 or 10 months from now made the most sense, hedging our bets by ordering some prenatal vitamins from Amazon.  For some reason, we came to the conclusion that maybe we should wait, I can’t honestly remember what our rationale was but I both know we were sort of sad about it.

Then one night, not long after, we changed our minds.  Or rather, we went back to the answer we’d been feeling so strongly since Malaysia.

2 weeks later, we found out about Thumper (what we are calling our little Year of the Rabbit baby with the thumpin’ heartbeat).  And we couldn’t be happier.

3. Are you going to find out the gender? (And do you think its a boy or a girl?)

Yes.  Are you kidding?  Have you met my husband?  The man does not do secrets (or waiting for stuff) very well.  The only thing that is keeping him going crazy with anticipation right now is the fact that we are also waiting on the bid list for our next post.  2 exciting things at once!  What could be better?

Chris asks me whether I think its a boy or a girl and I can’t decide.  I always default to calling Thumper “her” but that might just be because I am a girl, so it’s more natural to me.  Then, the other day, I woke up in the morning convinced we are having a boy.  Next day, a girl.  Weird.  We’ll hopefully find out for sure when we go to Singapore for a check up at the beginning of March.

4. What will you deliver?

In America!!! I’ll be heading back to Green Bay towards the end of June at the last possible moment before the airlines won’t let me fly anymore (34 weeks). The bad news is that this means Chris and I will be apart for at least about a month at a point in time where I’ll likely be unable to tie my shoes without help.  The good news is that he’ll be there for the delivery and for up to 6 weeks afterwards while we hang out at my parents house learning how to be parents and doing the ungodly amount of paperwork required to bring Thumper back to China with us.

My parents are fantastic, already excited about having their beached whale of a daughter coming to loaf on their couch for 12 weeks.

I’ve warned them that, from what I’ve read, it seems like newborn babies cry a lot, especially in the middle of the night.  For some reason, they claim they knew that already.  (I’m skeptical, with angel children like my sister and I, could they really know? 🙂 )

They say they are just happy to put us up and have unlimited access to their first grandbaby for 6 weeks before we promptly whisk him/her away to the other side of the world.

Wow, what did I do to get such great parents?  I’m just hoping we can be even half as good.

5.  You don’t look like your showing yet!?

I drafted this question a few days ago when I could still zip up my jeans, if not button them.  At that point I was sporting something akin to a “beer belly.”  Less than a week later, the situation is a little more serious.  I can’t decide if I just look fat or if I truly look pregnant yet, but I’m currently running around with my pants permanently unzipped and hidden by a long tank top (classy).

My only bump-size worry right now is trying to determine how much of this new-found girth is due to a Thumper growth spurt and how much is due to my mother cooking the most insanely deliciously food for me the last 3 days…

And finally, one blog specific question I’ve been thinking about a little…

Will this turn into a pregnancy/baby/mommy blog?

I don’t know yet.  While I think Thumper will definitely be mentioned in blog posts and will probably be the subject of many of them, I don’t think I have the discipline or interest in providing a weekly pregnancy update and baby bump photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading other people’s pregnancy updates.  I’m really grateful that so many people write so honestly and in-depth about their pregnancies and raising kids.   In fact, they’ve been great for keeping me sane and calm thus far.  I just don’t know if I have the fortitude to do them myself! 🙂

That being said, Thumper will probably be getting a lot of screen-estate and there may even be a bump shot or two in the mix.  Sorry!  We’re excited! Can’t help it! 🙂


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