Little Things I’m looking forward to in America

In honor of our departure for America this afternoon, I’ve compiled a little list.  This is all, of course, in addition to seeing our families and friends who we’ve missed so much.  That’s a given.

1. Airport food. I can’t wait to have to choose between a yogurt parfait at McDonalds or a Cinnabon or a sandwich from Potbelly’s.  With 12 flights in 14 days, we’ll be using airports to satisfy all of our fast-food cravings (and catch up on our reading).

2. Understanding everything that is said to me and around me.  Being able to read signs, newspapers, etc.  I get by here just fine but I’m looking forward to English-language magazines and being able to understand signs that look important with lots of exclamation marks.

3. Walking outside and taking deep breaths.


5. Eating fruits and vegetables with an insane carbon footprint (just for a few weeks).

6.  Eating a hamburger, or a steak, hmmm maybe both.

7.  Trying to make my cat Freckles snuggle with me.  Feeding him copious amounts of treats in order to bribe him to that end.

8. All of my mom’s food. ‘Nough said.

9.  Buying some pants that fit and have no near-holes in the arse.

10. Meeting my obstetrician…oh snap, did I just go there?

That’s right.  I have an obstetrician because, come end of July/early August we’re having a baby! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Little Things I’m looking forward to in America

  1. so I just logged on to FB and saw this post…read through it…and CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOW!!! So exciting you and Chris are going to be awesome parents 😀

  2. Oh wow congratulations! Now you can be like all the pregnant Chinese ladies you wrote about a while ago! Have a great trip home!

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