Purple Hash and Pumpkin Mash

We are getting into squash and tubers in the Dumm House.  What the farmer will bring, Chris and Dani will cook…or at least try to

So on the menu tonight: bright purple tubers and a squash so hard that we literally took turns hacking it apart with a butcher’s knife.  I’m pretty sure we dented the kitchen counter in.

Purple hash with onions and sausage?  A potential winner!!  But who knew that purple potatoes would be so sweet?  (Luckily they went inadvertently well with the fennel pork sausage we found in the bottom of the freezer)

The roasted pumpkin?  Not so much!! Who knew that a squash that hard could be rendered so mushy and stringy so quickly?

Oh well, if if nothing else, it was dinner a la technicolor.  I’m still thinking about this potato hash. It was the first time we made a hash at home (we lean more towards the Asian cuisine most nights) and it was shockingly easy and filling and not too greasy.  With a few tweaks (we have to figure out how to complement the sweetness of those purple potatoes) and a little green salad on the side, this one might go into the rotation.  Looking forward to the roasted pumpkin seeds tomorrow…


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