On Why I’ve Been MIA for the Past Few Days

I haven’t written a blog post in a few days.  I feel negligent.  I feel a little guilty. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve been semi-productive in real life. 

In the past week I: cooked dinner, baked bread, cleaned the house, hung paintings, did massive loads of laundry, cleaned out the freezer, made and froze dinners and desserts for a rainy day, made progress at work, attended a dinner party, took care of my sicky husband, worked on my “book,” found a birthday present for said husband, worked out twice, and eaten chocolate only once.

Thank you for allowing me to use this forum for self-congratulation.  What can I say?  I miss gold stars.

But I haven’t been doing it all for the gold stars this week.  No way, my inspiration is even better:

My parents arrive in Chengdu tonight.  This is their first trip to China, first trip to Asia.  Heck, its their first trip overseas together in over 25 years of marriage.

In some ways, I feel like a horrible daughter.  They’re flying coach for like 24 hours just to come see us.  They will be navigating the Beijing airport alone on their first time outside an English-alphabet country.  My father has bad sinuses, a bad back and even worse ADD (he also gets disoriented in crowds and new places–and I’m making him come to China!!?!).  My mother is using her luggage to bring me luxuries like maply syrup and baking chocolate.

The least I can do is make sure they have a hot supper ready when they get in and clean sheets to collapse between.

To up the ante, I even put a fruit bowl in their room.  And lots of picturse of my sister.  Because, oh yea, my parents have to miss my sister’s birthday to be here.

I officially feel like the worst daughter and sister ever.

But anything I can do to convince them that this international travel thing is totally worth the hassle, I’ll do. 

Which is why there are coconut macaroons in the freezer on standby and a 2 sets of fork and knives ready to go into my purse for the next 2 weeks.

Now if only the clock would move just a little faster.  It feels like the hour hand is buried somewhere in a bowl of wet concrete mixed with molasses.

10 hours folks until they touch down in Chengdu.  Can not wait.


2 thoughts on “On Why I’ve Been MIA for the Past Few Days

  1. Ok,,,, you are excused !!! can’t wait to hear about your next few days and a big hug for you all…. I am in Hong Kong and hope Megi will stay offshore….

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