A few Honeymoon Photos

Let’s look at some hotel and sunset and beach porn shall we?

I’ve got a whole post of just “Chris photos” coming up.  I married an extraordinarily handsome, patient, and sometimes goofy man.  I believe “Awas” means something close to “danger” or “caution” in Malay.

And because we never got it together enough to ask someone else to take our picture, here are a few honeymoon shots we did with the timer on my camera.  Will someone please remind me to put on some makeup and just ask a stranger for a photo on our next honeymoon?

My workout for the day we took the above photo came in the form of a mad dash to make it from my camera down to Chris on the beach in time.

Ok, that’s the first batch.  More to come as well as a long monologue on why I love, love, love the low-budget terminal of the KL airport.  Sweet dreams all and stay well!


3 thoughts on “A few Honeymoon Photos

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