You Gots To Have Soul

We’re back.  We’re sunburnt. We’re rejuvenated.

Honeymoons are great.  We’ve decided that we’re going to have to do another one eventually.  Maybe Italy, maybe somewhere else.

I’ve got a post with pictures of orchids and chocolate cake and beaches and quite a few pictures of a very handsome man who I happened to be honeymooning with.

Yes, it was this guy:

This guy with whom I only wish we had even more time to just lay around, not work, read books on a beach, snuggle, and occasionally reach for one another to share a smile or a thought or an idea.

The honeymoon post with all of the envy-inducing photos and stories is coming up, but first I wanted to share a minor new plan for this blog.

For the last 3 months I’ve sat down every night (and sometimes early in the morning) to write up a post and share a photo from the day.

I started this little practice because I didn’t want to become too familiar with the little things around me before I’d documented them and preserved them in writing for a time when they might later seem ordinary and then then, perhaps, eventually forgotten.

China is changing so fast that I didn’t want to let my memory of the Chinese medicine man under the bridge to leave me.  I didn’t want to forget the uniquely dangerous character that is an elderly Chinese woman in a grocery store at 10am.

Now, nearly 6 months into our post here, those things are already becoming very ordinary to me-just as I thought they would.  Working everyday in an office and living here-not just passing through as a traveler-means that some days look, from the outside, exactly the same as the day before.

Life here goes on, and some of it in a terribly un-China-fied fashion.  And I’m realizing that the more I write, the more there is to write.  The more there is to write, the less that fits neatly into a daily blog post.

The less that fits neatly into a daily blog post, the more I let real writing, real stories, real research go by the wayside in a quest to just get up a post, get up a mediocre photo and maintain a daily schedule that began with a wholly different purpose in mind.

Surprisingly, taking a photo every day has, in a way, made me a worse photographer rather than a better one as I rushed around looking for something to take rather than thinking about how to actually best capture whatever I’m photographing.

Surprisingly, I’ve found myself sometimes withholding the most interesting conversations of the day, the most precious memories because they were too complicated to write quickly or too important to write poorly.  And so instead, they’ve often, sadly, gone unwritten.

And so, I’d like to propose a small change to this blog.

After 94 days of stories and photos of China, I’m bringing the streak to an end.

It was nice while it lasted, but I think that what’s come will be better.

I’m hoping for fewer posts and more quality.  Fewer images but better photos.  Less time on WordPress and more time in Word-writing down stories and ideas and characters that just don’t jive with this blogging format but that I feel driven to write about anyways.

Look out for a slower pace, but also a resurgence in recipes and ordinary life; more China stories but also hopefully better ones.

And of course, coming up soon, the Malaysian Honeymoon Review… 🙂


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