China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 88 In Which I Share Some Random Facts

A few random thoughts from the day:

1. I like the photo above but it didn’t really fit in with the other Autumn Moon Festival photos so I thought I’d share it today because it’s sort of a fun shot

2. My camera has started acting up in low-light situations.  Normal, apparently, for my camera model but frustrating.  Is it finally time to buy an external flash?

3. I’m already planning my holiday party open house, from what recipes to try to what eco- friendly disposable plates might fit into my budget.  Too soon?

4. I’m in the market for a long-distance Master’s degree-but here’s the catch: I want it to be from a school I would still want to attend if I lived in the United States.  Any thoughts? Or am I just dreaming?

5. Next week we go on our honeymoon and first vacation in over 2 years.

6. Next week an army of under-trained electricians will rip our walls apart in order to fix our electricity-hopefully before we come home from honeymoon.

7. I’m in the middle of Pearl Buck in China: Journey to the Good Earth. It’s sort of weird biography but good nonetheless.

8. 8 is a lucky number in China. 88 is even better (the number of this blog post) 888 is even better and so on and so forth.  People pay big money to have license plates and phone numbers with multiple 8’s in them.  Chris has told me that 1988 was a massive party year for China.

9. Can we talk about Glee and how it started and I haven’t seen it yet?  I think a big Chengdu girl’s night is in order post-National Day holiday.

10. I’m going to my friend’s tailor tomorrow to see about a qipao for my first Marine Corps Ball.  Is it wrong that I’m way more excited for the tailor than the ball?  I’ll keep you posted on the dress…


2 thoughts on “China in Photos: Day No. 88 In Which I Share Some Random Facts

  1. Girls night sounds fantastic. I haven’t seen the new Glee yet, either, so I’ll avoid until you return. Happy honeymooning! 🙂

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