China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No.82 In Which We Go For Sushi and Sake and Celebration

I got my Omega 3’s for the whole year last night.  Also my fill of sake.  That’s the thing about all you can eat sushi and sake in a private room with 15 great people, it’s way over the top, but in a really great way.  Then there were the 15 great people in the room next store with whom we got into a fun “gambe” ware.

Every once in awhile things in the room next store would get quiet and then all of a sudden, the sliding panels that separated us would fly open and there would be 15 Chengdu ren standing up with tiny sake cups, beer glasses and peace signs waiting for us to return the Chinese ritual of cheers-ing your fellow diners.

I’m pretty sure once you engage in that sort of ritual in a Japanese restaurant, you are sort of bonded for life.  Or at least long enough to hang out with each other on the street at 12am.

My camera got away from me at multiple points during the evening and anyways I’d hate to provide incriminating evidence for the teachers going to work today and the MBA students giving presentations this morning and the Consulate employees who have all sorts of community duties for the day. 🙂

And, ok, I’ll admit it, I got my once-a-year-tipsy on too, at least for a few hours.  Had trouble for a little while differentiating between jedi warriors and jet-lag for awhile.

Happy to say though that turning 25 (well, in a few days) has turned me into something of a responsible adult.  By 1am we were home and sober, albeit with absolutely no power in the whole house.

And while I was at least able to get the management people to turn our lights on (at 1am! these guys are great!), we still have no power for our refrigerator/water heater/water distiller/washer/dryer/stove/oven/coffee pot/every appliance we ever use on a daily basis besides the computer.

I’m just glad for the computer, even if we will be taking very “refreshing” cold showers, and desperately trying to pawn our freezer foods off on friends for the next few days.

Now it’s off to wake up Mr. Dumm and see about securing a store-bought birthday cake in lieu of a working oven.  Happy Weekend!!


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