China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 81 In Which I Share A Picture of An Old Woman and Purchase Carpets

I loved this lady in the lower left of the picture.  I also love the girl’s reflection in her scooter mirror.  This was taken on the road about 30 minutes out of Chengdu.  A little snapshot of life out there, bamboo walking sticks, electric scooters and all.

Not 15 minutes from this spot is a tiny little town.  I’ve shown you pictures of it already.  It’s where I took shots of that traditional Chinese medicine and a few street scenes.  It looks all old and way out there, right?

This shot is from that same little town:

Pretty soon I’m sure that place will be unrecognizable.  That is how it goes here it seems.  Giant high-rises go up, are bought by wealthy Chinese and then sit completely empty while the town around the building begins to transform, sometimes seemingly overnight. I’m glad I got to see this little place before the transformation, at least.

In other news, today I purchased a large number of rugs from seemingly the only man in town who carries plain, monochromatic carpets in simple, practical designs.  Most carpets in China seem to be of either the shaggy, glittery (yes, glitter) persuasion, or they are boldly colored and covered with very traditional ornate pink flowers.

Which meant that our simple, stain-camouflaging, neutral choices totally blew his mind.

He was so shocked that, after an agreement had been placed and we had left his shop, he actually called us back to triple-check that we were were aware that none of the rugs we purchased had flowers on them; and, did we want to reconsider our carpet choices because of that?

Flowers.  They are big here.  Especially on rugs.


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