China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No 80 In Which I Tour Chinese Apartments & Find a Bathroom with a See-Through Door

The above photo has nothing to do with the story I’m about to share.  I just think it’s pretty and it reminds me that blue skies out there somewhere.

I’m having a harder time coming up with blog posts at night.  I have a sneaking suspicion it’s because I have a job now and well, let’s face it, Microsoft Outlook is only so exciting.

Then again, there are some things that I get to do in my job that are a lot of fun.  Today I went apartment hunting.  In China, apartments are usually leased fully decorated and furnished.

Some are furnished with a pretty tasteful modern look.  I really like most of these units.

Unfortunately there is another aesthetic that is quite popular in this part of China.  I can only describe it as Baroque-meets-Victorian-brothel.

It’s a look that deserves a full post with photographic evidence, but for now, I’ll just say that, if you give a certain kind of Chinese property owner the opportunity to cover his/her home in fake crystals, gold and ornate curlicues, he/she might very well do just that.

Gold, flowery foil is not just a decoration for chocolate boxes here, it literally covers people’s walls.

And sometimes, the design choices are not just ornate, but strange as well.

The apartments I saw today were mostly unfinished and they were, quite honestly, amazing units.  Spacious feeling, full of light, with plenty of balconies.  Most had great foyers and a small little bedroom in the master suite that could be either an office or a nursery, depending on your persuasion.  After looking at 2 or 3 places, I was beginning to really like what I saw.

Which made what happened next all the more bizarre.

To wit: Imagine that your bathroom is a mere 2 feet from your bed.  Now imagine that, rather than using a single (heavy) door to separate the bathroom from the bed, you installed tinted but definitely transparent sliding double-French doors.

In other words, you take a wiz and the person lying on the bed can not only hear it, but see it, all too clearly.

Why one would choose this set-up in a city where the most iconic meal also serves as a mechanism for weight loss and “cleansing,” I have no idea.

So there you have it.  Beautiful 4 bedroom apartment with crystal clear views of the skyline…and the porcelain throne as well.

I guess I do have strange and interesting things to write about even now that I’m working!


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