China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 77 In Which We Visit Old Sichuan

Sometimes Chengdu can make you jaded.  Sometimes you feel like all that’s left to represent the soul of China are empty skyscrapers, grey sidewalks, and knock-off Mickey Mouse crocs.

Sometimes when you hear people talk about “old Chengdu” and the way things used to be, it can make you feel like you’ve missed out on the best that this part of China has to offer.

It’s like the funky little cafe that used to be cool 15 years ago when it was pristine and quirky but has since turned into a brand name with mediocre products and a franchise in 30 cities.

But if I thought all of that, I would be wrong.  Because the China that everyone likes to romance still exists, and it’s less than a half hour drive out of the city.

Today was an amazing day in so many ways, amazing photos, amazing workout, amazing experience.  I’ve got lots of photos and editing to do but here’s a shot or two from the day.

And just because no post is truly complete without it, the puppy dog shot:


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