China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 73 In Which I Learn New Things About My Husband

In the past day and a half I’ve learned two new things about my husband.

New Thing #1: Chris’s old boss was once late to a meeting with Chris because he’d been playing cards with President Clinton on Air Force 1 and when the plane landed, President Clinton wanted to finish the game.  So, Chris’ boss sat on Air Force 1 for an extra 45 minutes while the motorcade waited on the tarmac.

Fun tidbit, right?  I got that one with my breakfast this morning.  I love the random gems of history like that one that somehow made it this far without ever being shared in a fit of first date bravado.

New Thing #2 comes with more of a story.

I was in our supply room today when one of the local Chinese staff that works with Chris came in wanting some supplies.  We had the following conversation:

Local Staff Person: I can’t remember the English word but Chris makes balls out of them

Me: Ummmm???  Paper?  He likes to do origami?

Local Staff Person: No, it’s rubber.

After this conversation I promptly messaged Chris and we had the following conversation:

Me: So you make rubber band balls?

Chris: Why yes, i do make balls out of rubber bands

Chris: How did you know?

Me: R. didn’t know the English word for rubberbands and so she said “the thing that Chris makes balls out of”

Chris:  Hahaha.  Yup, they’re [the local Chinese staff] all horribly facinated by the fact that I do that.

Me: Well apparently your balls are why R. needed more rubber bands from the supply room…

Me: Oh dear…

Apparently my husband’s work generates a large supply of idle rubber bands which he stores by wrapping them up into your classic rubberband ball.

Interestingly enough, Chris can never get very far with any one rubberband ball before it disappears and reappears on a local staff person’s desk.  So he’s constantly starting over and making new ones.

He said he realized a few days ago that he’d finally made enough of these rubber band balls that all of the local staff now have their own.

Chris says he’s offered to teach them how to make them for themselves but they say they just prefer to take the ones Chris has already  made.

If nothing else, I’ll take it as testament to the fact that Chris is well-liked among his staff.  Or at the very least, well-respected for his skills with office supplies.


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