China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No 69 In Which I don’t have much to say

There are many different kinds of Saturdays.

Some call for well-packed backpacks equipped with rolls of toilet paper, a clean sheet, and plenty of bug spray included.  They call for early wake up calls and a contortionist-like ability to fall asleep on cramped buses, trains, and tiny planes.

Some Saturdays call for checklists, errands, chores, and work.  By the end of the day you feel caught up and accomplished-but you may also feel like canceling your evening plans to crawl in bed at 9pm.

Other Saturdays are more laid-back, like really, really laid-back.  Like we’re-lucky-if-we-are-out-of-bed-by-noon kind of laid-back.  These Saturdays are all about pajama pants and the couch and TV shows and eventually pulling ourselves together enough to go out for a nice dinner at 6pm.

Today was none of that and all of that.  In a word, it was beautiful.

We stayed in bed until nearly 11am before moseying on over to the mechanic across the street to see about getting some badly-needed maintenance done on our 13 year old beast of a vehicle.

Then we headed over to our tiny, tiny little gem of a cafe here in Chengdu where everyone smiles and makes room for one another and where the French/Chinese husband and wife team are always there, cooking, baking, and making the espresso.  It’s the only real cafe in Chengdu and it’s really something special.  It’s our favorite weekend ritual here: two coffees, a salad and a pastry to share.  If the owners aren’t too busy, we usually stay a little longer to chat with them too.

After coffee we took care of some chores, picked up our car, admired the smooth ride, and headed to the gym.  I guess you know you are a grown up when finding a great mechanic makes your day.

After the gym it was time for a dumpling making marathon with homemade wrappers to boot.  Chris rolled out the dough and I filled the dumplings.  Our friend came over to help us eat them, bringing with her some of her mother’s special spicy dumpling sauce.

By 10, our friend was on her way home with extra dumplings in hand and we were tag-teaming the dishes.

It was a day with a little bit of everything in it and because of it I’m just so content I’ve got no motivation for writing tonight.  Sorry folks, this is all for now.

It’s time for bed.  Tomorrow: Operation Dim Sum and Car Stereo Installation.


One thought on “China in Photos: Day No 69 In Which I don’t have much to say

  1. Tickets are purchased so you cannot change your mind about arriving at your door step. I have no expectations, but it is nice to hear there is a good coffee shop close by. Love Dad P
    S Have you read Dreaming in Chinese? There was a little blip on the book on the NPR website. Sounds interesting I try the library no luck I may have to do B&N

    Love U

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