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China in Photos: Day No. 58 In Which the Sun Comes Out and I Smell Fall

The sun shone!  The wind blew!  The humidity disappeared!

In case, you couldn’t tell from my exclamation points, these are all a really. big. deal.

Not only does the sun rarely shine in Chengdu, but weirdly enough, there is also very little in the way of gentle breezes, or even strong winds for that matter.

In other words, this is not a place where flags flutter on a regular basis.

It’s also not the sort of place where you use the word “dry” often to describe the weather.  As in “Arizona has a dry sort of heat,” or “my lips are dry from the lack of humidity in the air.”

In Chengdu, humidity and rain well, reign.  We make a fantastic destination for things like mold, rain boots, and sparkly vampires.

But today, ahhhh today, today was like a return to Wisconsin at this time of year.  Clear, and sunny skies, with just a whisper and a hint of the cooler cozy fall days to come.

I asked my tutor today whether leaves change color in Chengdu.  She looked a little confused for a moment but then assured me that the ginko leaves turn a lovely shade of gold in the winter.

Well, at least we have that much.  AND I found a supply of apple and cinnamon-scented candles today.  So I think that even if it doesn’t look like a Wisconsin fall, Chengdu fall will still be pretty nice.

Of course, we aren’t there yet.  For now it’s still summer and today was just so, so precious I ditched all of my errands and big plans for the day to sit outside and read a book in the beautiful clear clean air.

An amazingly, beautiful day.  Just the kind of thing I feel so freaking lucky to have experienced before returning to the working world next week.


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