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China in Photos: Day No. 57 In Which I Enjoy the Last Monday of Unemployment

The above has nothing to do with my last Monday of unemployment (for now, I guess) but I just thought it was a building with virtues so ridiculous, they border on genius.

Because who doesn’t want to live in a rainbow, right?

But yes, last Monday of unemployment for now.  It was surprisingly anti-climatic.

Though you want to know what wasn’t anti-climatic?

Yea, we went and saw The Expendables last night with some friends.

It was everything you would expect from a movie with Sylvestor Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, a cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger, insane amounts of gore, and a minimal amount of plot.

Chris’ favorite bit of dialogue:

Daughter of dictator all tied up and about to be tortured and killed:

“Why are you here?”

Sylvestor Stallone, bad ass mercenary come to save her because he wants to be a “good guy:

“Because I am”

So yea, lots of dialogue that makes me seriously think the writers took a lot of cat naps under the assumption that anyone attending this film is coming for the gore and the hunky bad boys rather than a profound narrative on modern day drug-fueled dictatorships.

Which, given the dudes (and 1 fantastic lady) I saw it with, sounds about right.

It was fun though.  For me, the highlights were the Chengdu snacks we had before the film and the fact that Chris and I purchased 2 waters and a medium popcorn for just 22kuai (or about 3 dollars).

We will be adding “movie theater food at non-movie theater prices” to the “Things I love About China” column.


2 thoughts on “China in Photos: Day No. 57 In Which I Enjoy the Last Monday of Unemployment

  1. Danie we should have our visa’s next week. Then I will get serious about flights. I know when we get there both of you will be working so what exactly is the plan or can your mother and I just do some tour stuff through some local establishment???

    Love Dad

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