China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 56 In Which We Find the Land of Grapes

After a sleepy morning, some dancing and some dishes, Chris and I hit the road today.  Off in search of…something.

We weren’t sure where we were trying to go and we didn’t bother with maps.  We were, it seems, simply struck by the urge to “get out of Dodge” and we did something about it.

A series of turns and bumpy roads and attempts to find an “Ancient Town” led us to this:

A few miles worth of grape stands and giant umbrellas on the road side with acres of grapes growing just beyond the road.

Everywhere we looked there were families jumping out of their cars to buy grapes.  In fact, the road of grapes seemed like a sort of destination unto itself, though the same grapes are available in all of the fruit stands across town.

It reminded me a bit of wine country only without the alcohol.

Chris and I of course had to jump down and join in.  A lovely woman sold us grapes and invited me in to take a few photos of their vines.

An odd but tasty day trip, one of those lovely “who’d have thought we’d get here from there” sorts of days.

But I still have a question, is it still called a vineyard if there is no wine-making involved?


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