China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 54 In Which A Log Falls

There is, in our neighborhood, a small, raised, open space with a giant plastic character perched on the edge.  He’s wearing a tweedy looking sweater and holding a beer.

Which leads me to believe the space was, at some point in some city planner’s mind, supposed to be a “beer garden.”  After all, we live in “Europe City.”  It would be somewhat fitting.

Sadly, the space has sat empty probably since the day it was built.

And then today I witnessed the first major step in its inevitable, natural demise.

A giant overhead beam, at least 18 inches in diameter fell from about 15 feet up.  It was totally rotted through.

Quite scary to think about it falling really.  I guess that’s what happens when you use untreated lumber in a climate as wet and humid as this one.

The above is the inside of that beam.  When I stood up from taking the photo, I whirled around to find a white foreign guy staring at me.

Huh, you get sort of used to the Chinese stares, but when the foreigners stare it’s a bit more disconcerting.

I spent the rest of the walk home trying to remember if I had pulled my shirt down over the seat of my pants while I was taking the photo above.

Jury’s still out but the view around the corner was beautiful:

Happy Friday everyone!  Happy Weekend!  Happy homemade chipwiches! Oh wait, maybe that’s just my little Friday night project… 🙂


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