China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 52 In Which I Take the Long Way Home…Wearing Red Boots Of course

Down that little ally where the red-shirted man is standing, staring at me, is a little tiny glimpse of what old Chengdu was probably like.

Tomorrow I’ll stop being chicken-sh*t and go take pictures there.  But I think I might have to make friends with the big guy in red first.

From my previous journeys down this alleyway, he seems to sort of run the place.  Or maybe that’s just what he’d like me to think.

I usually see him in this alley strutting (yes, strutting) past the food stalls with a confidence that tells me he knows everyone and everything that happens on that little street.

He always reminds me of a character from an old kungfu movie, he dresses for the part-alternating between in traditional Chinese silk jackets and white tank tops that show off his massive jade and gold pendant.

It’s definitely old school, but what I’m still trying to figure out is whether he’s more the wise and benevolent kungfu master type or the lao ban of the bad boys.

We’ll all find out soon though, won’t we?


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