China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 50 In Which We Reflect

I’m going to attempt to come off quite neutral in this post to hopefully avoid issues with the Great Firewall but I trust you can imagine where I stand on this subject…

Chris and I turned on the T.V. this weekend to find this message on all of the channels that are broadcast out of Hong Kong.  Rather than broadcast shows, they broadcast this government message.

Cable TV is technically illegal in China, but for the wealthy or the foreign, people usually look the other way.

Which is why its that much more bizarre to find this government message on our supposedly illegal channels out of Hong Kong.  It’s worthy noting that, on the mainland CCTV government channels, the news and the soap operas were all airing as normal.

I wish I could know what is happening here with all of the flooding.  I know much more about the flooding in Pakistan than the flooding and mudslides that are happening just a few hours from my house.

This is China though, so the lack of news makes sense.

It is not surprising that the news that China is now the world’s 2nd largest economy is the bigger story.

Congratulations China.


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