China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 47 In Which I try to Read a Sign & Find a Zebra Smart Car

Apparently, as bad as I am at distinguishing one character from another in my textbook, I’m much worse when it comes to characters painted onto the bottom of a cut-off barrel.

But I think the jist goes something like this:

We’re building a wall!  And tarring a road!  People should not come down this road!

But then again, I could be wrong in my interpertation.  There were quite a few people walking down that road.

Then again, the Chinese have a really weird love/hate relationship with rules and instructions, so who knows really.

Ok, fine you are right.  The people who can read Mandarin know.

Sometimes living in China makes me feel a little like an illiterate 5 year old all over again, desperately trying to understand the connection between the written language and every day life.

Anyways, I saw that sign on the way to dinner, my first real foray into the outside world today.

On the way home I saw this:

Why?  Why the stripes?

Is it:

a) Because smart cars are so wee that they need optical illusions to be seen on the road?


b) Because the stripes are a tactic adopted by the herds of (fake) Smart cars to confuse all of the big, ferocious, lion be-decked Hummers on the road?


c) Because detailing your car with all sorts of patterns, stripes, and flagrant copyright abuses (Jeep logos on a Honda Civic anyone?) is one way to stand out in a city increasingly full of nearly identical vehicles?

I’m going to go with C, although I won’t rule out B.  The Hummers in this city do seem a little predatory sometimes…

Happy Friday to all, and to all a great Friday night, whenever it reaches your timezone.


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