China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 43 In Which Chris Takes the Photo

I took a few photos today, but I liked Chris’ here better.  I like the 3 characters here, the street sweeper in orange, the man in the foreground, and the angsty-looking young man to the left of the photo.  Does he look angry at the man in the white shirt to you?  Or is that just me?

This was taken outside of the first restaurant that could not serve us food tonight.

In all fairness, being closed with the lights off and the doors locked every Monday is a pretty good reason to not feed potential patrons who, in a fit of hungry delusions, show up on a Monday  night.

Why the 2nd restaurant couldn’t feed us either, despite being open for business, is a bit of a mystery.  And it was a “Spanish tapas” place too.  My stomach and I were so confused…

But, in the end we had some lovely spicy Sichuan dishes and a few nice conversations with the cab drivers who took us criss-crossing across the city in search of sustenance.

At one point, one of the cabbies asked Chris if he liked Chinese food.  Chris said yes, and especially Sichuan food.  Which led to a somewhat long and eloquent dissertation from our cabbie on the different types Sichuan spicy peppers.

At which point I asked the cab driver if he too liked to eat the Sichuanese “hua jiao.” (a very very spicy pepper)

He laughed at that.  The answer was yes, of course yes, he liked it very much.

Hey, you never know, right?


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