China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 39

Today was a long, full, fun day.  Went to the market with my Chinese tutor, bought some gorgeous smelling jasmine flowers.  My tutor and I came home, loaded down with produce and quickly decided to blow off lessons for the morning and make some ‘Chuan Cai lunch together.

An hour or so later, Chris and I picked up a new consulate family and their 3 adorable children from the airport and brought them to their new house.  Got locked out of said  house with 3 said, very jet-lagged, children in the middle of a 90 degree and humid day.  Mom and Dad were impressive, they kept their cool and suggested a trip down the road to tour the kids’ new school while we waited for the keys.

My very diplomatic husband talked our way onto the campus and we spent a rather lovely afternoon, checking out the classrooms and playgrounds and new swimming pool.  It was a really beautiful campus and those kids (and parents!) were total troopers the whole time.  I think if I had been in those kids’ shoes, my parents might have had a total 4pm meltdown on their hands.

Tonight we tried out a new restaurant with a friend we haven’t seen in a week or so then took a lovely stroll home.

Words for the day: Full. Busy. Lovely. Content.

And tomorrow is Friday!  Heck yes for Fridays!  The magical power of a Friday to boost one’s mood doesn’t die when you become unemployed.  Which is pretty cool, I reckon.


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