China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 37

When I’m not having a meltdown over the Chinese healthcare system, the China commentary on this blog stays pretty superficial, I reckon.

Look at the pretty flowers!  See the cute kid!  Aren’t these concrete patterns interesting!

The shallowness isn’t intentional.  I’m just lazy.

Good, substantial writing takes time and energy and turns me into some sort of crazy writer who stares at her screen for hours on end and realizes later that she hasn’t had a meal, coffee, or even a stretch in who knows how long.  In those moments, it’s hard to fathom doing anything else, like laundry, or showering for that matter.

But Chris and I like clean clothes and I supposedly enjoy getting out of the house so, while I love my writing binges, its not something I usually allow myself to indulge in all day long.

Except for today.  Chris was in Kunming and he’ll be there tonight and all day tomorrow and so, as soon as my Chinese class wrapped up this morning, I made a quick lunch, fired up our lovely Mac, and totally binged.

I sat, I typed, I deleted, I didn’t even notice our ayi coming in and dusting the furniture behind me.  Then, at 5pm I realized I should probably get to the market to secure some dinner and I rejoined the real world.

And caught these photos along the way.

Relatively few signs are labeled in English and characters here, it’s always interesting to me the ones that get the English treatment and the ones that don’t.  You would think the red octagon with the white borders would be universally understood enough, but perhaps not?

These little flowers smelled sooo sweet.  Favorite thing about China #354: inexpensive fresh flowers that smell like they’ve not yet had the smell genetically engineered out of them by the flower industry.

This cat was chilling outside the dry cleaner’s.  I’ve never seen a cat sleeping so soundly, nor in such a bizarre position.  His ears wiggled a little when my shutter clicked which was a bit of a relief, I was beginning to worry that he was (wait for it) catatonic perhaps?

Where’s all that good writing I did to make up for the “Look Flowers!” “Look a sleeping cat!” commentary above?

Errmmmm, yea it’s with my editor and she just ate half a homemade pizza, the remainder of her homemade mango sorbet and has a date with Alton Brown Good Eats downloads on her agenda for the evening…so yea…we’ll get back to you on that one…

But before I leave you for dearest Alton, can I please photo-brag about the best lunch I’ve made in recent history?

Homemade Italian seasoning bagel with a few sun-dried, tomatoes, a sprinkle of cheese, and some arugula-like leafy greens I found at the market.  Seriously yum and almost healthy-like.  Beats my usual writing binge peanut butter and jelly sandwich hands down.


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