China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 36 More Sichuan Countryside

Today I decided to give my mosquito-scarred legs a break from the hot and humid insect war zone that is Chengdu right now.  That’s right, save for a trip to get groceries and a walk home from the consulate gym, I stayed inside all. day. long.

Tomorrow I’ll get back out there to take some more shots but until then, here are a few more photos from yesterday’s Hash.

Rice, the crop that keeps everyone alive and kicking.

I love this shot of fellow Hasher, “Milk Maid.”  I like that she’s sort of blurry and blissed out-looking in this shot.  She’s one of the nicest and more chill people I’ve met here in China.

That’s all for now folks!  Chris heads to Kunming tomorrow for a work trip so I’m going to get off the internets and go distract him from his, very good and very funny, Christopher Moore book novel, Fool.  Have a great morning/afternoon/night wherever you are!


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