China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 35 The Panda Hash in the Countryside

There are about 130 photos on my camera today from the Panda Hash today.  Most of which I’m saving for a later post.

It was hot, dirty, and ungodly muggy.  I received no less than 40 mosquito bites and tore the skin off my fingertips when I slid, Tarzan style, down a muddy hill.

But we also trudged through gorgeous rice paddies, bamboo stands, farmland and even a graveyard.  And then we met the cutest little girl in the entire world and her grandmother.

So, all in all, I’d say it was fantastic.

Sometimes our every-2-weeks Hash runs bizarrely feel like a commitment, especially true when its 12:30 on Sunday and we haven’t gotten out of your pajamas yet.

Sometimes it feels a little like being a member of a really perverted but really dorky college frat house.

But we are just 3.5 months into our tour here and, with the Hash, we’ve been lucky enough to already meet so many good people and see so much of the beauty that exists here in Sichuan.

And that is totally worth a few mosquito bites and some warm-beer down-downs.

Now it’s time for these tired pandas to head to bed.  May your weekend end up as lovely as ours has.


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