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China in Photos: Day No. 34 Name that Citrus and H&M comes to Chengdu

It grows on trees in our apartment complex.  It gets as large as a pomelo but doesn’t appear to be quite the same shape as one.  It stays green the whole time it’s on the tree.  What it looks like off the tree we don’t know.  Upon reaching a certain size, (one too big to be carried away by birds or bats or rats) they seem to mysteriously vacate the trees in the hours between sundown and sunrise.

So I’m going to go ahead and wager that they are both edible and tasty.

In other news, this just in:

The hype around all of this sort of reminds me of the time Green Bay, Wisconsin finally felt like it was a “real city” when Old Navy finally came to town.

I’m pretty sure the Old Navy corporation felt both overjoyed and a little afraid when they saw just how ferociously enthusiastically the people of that fair city embraced the brand, purchasing everything in sight and dressing their entire families in head-to-toe Old Navy ensembles.  It was touch and go for awhile there, with neighborhoods divided over who got what shirt, in what color.  There were turf wars breaking out over the sale bins and I’m pretty sure the PTA meetings were frosty for weeks.

It’s ok though, maybe this won’t be quite the same.

Oh wait, except that we are in China.  Not only do we have a wildly burgeoning consumer economy going on here, but we’ve also got about a billion people, many of whom are operating under the understandable but still frightening assumption that shopping is a serious competitive sport in which one should emerge from the store either victorious and thrifty, or deal-less and seriously maimed.

So yes, this might be exactly the same.

In any case, everyone is terribly excited about this new shopping development and we will just have to see how it goes.

And I have to admit, if I’m eventually able to purchase a t-shirt that doesn’t fit like a straight-jacket over my American-sized, dairy-fed shoulder blades, then this H&M thing just might be something to looking forward to.


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