China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 28

Last night was a bit of a thriller around here with a massive storm system moving through the city.

We heard the crack of the electricity, the car alarms going off as the thunder shook the apartment building.

At one point I believe lightening hit the complex and I snapped out of a dead sleep, shouted something eloquent along the lines of holy f**king sh*t! and realized that I couldn’t remember if the fire alarms were activated in our, mostly uninhabited, 23 story building.

Then a few hours later, Chris sneezed in his sleep at the exact moment that a double whammy of lightening and thunder shook our apartment.  In my semi-consciousness, I freaked out a little and couldn’t decide if it was a sign from the universe that we should duck and cover or if I should get my husband checked out for an allergy to Old Bay (long story).

It was a rough night people, but we got through it.

And today, today we ventured out into the continuing down-pour for some brunch with friends and an abbreviated photo-walk around town.

Abbreviated because of the rain and, well, the Chengdu municipality seems to have fallen head over heels with the concept of tow trucks and now they liked to not just write tickets but also tow vehicles parked in less-than-legal parking spots.

Come on Chengdu, this is a city where people drive on sidewalks half the time!  And we are worried about the parking??

But I digress.  Let’s get to the photos:

I like images in reflections.  Is that a cheap photog wow?

Street lamps in China never fail to impress me.  There may be little originality in the layout of streets or the latest fashions but hot damn, the lamps are always a little something different and I love that.

Chris stopped for gas and I liked this chair.  Bamboo chairs are to Chengdu like hard plastic injection-molded chairs are to the DMV.  They support a lot of mahjong-playing, garlic-peeling, pepper-chopping, child-watching, and tea-sipping, They are the seat of everyday life here.

I liked that the bird was the same colors as the sign in the background

Random city fact: Chengdu is on a (terrifying) luxury brand kick lately.  As we drove by today, I noticed the sparkly sign (it shimmers electronically, something you can’t quite see here).

Chris informed me that this is the 3rd largest Louis Vitton store in the world, the largest is located in Beijing.  Pardon my ignorance, but I thought Louis Vitton was mostly a handbag/purse thing?  Does one need a full city block to sell one brand of handbags?  I’m so confused…

Last but not least, my favorite photo of the day:

Awww he’s so happy.  I’m finally accepting it.  For all of our yuppie desires to be green and environmentally conscious, we really are car people.  Few things make us happier than getting out of town and onto the open road with just some snacks, some scenery, and an NPR podcast for company.

And this car, this 13 year old, stick-shift, diesel-engine beast of an old school Landrover with a tape deck and a spare tire in the back is the car we always dreamed of but never, ever, really thought we’d own.  We’re in love and fondly call her Das Beast. 🙂  We promise to drive carefully.


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