China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 19 The Hello Kitty Car

There are some days when 5pm rolls around and I still don’t have a photo for a day.  For a few minutes, I’ll wonder what the heck I’ll post and then-inevitably–I walk outside and I see something like this photo above.

Sanrio may be looking for her replacement, but Hello Kitty worship is alive and well here in Chengdu.

Here’s a few more photos from Kathleen and I’s lovely walk yesterday through The Wide and Narrow Streets and some other (lowercase) wide and narrow streets.

This lamp is kind of gorgeous, no? I’m such a sucker for details painted on the inside of things.

And while I may have gotten a fantastic Hello Kitty Car shot today, I did miss out yesterday on a photo of the cutest puppy in the whole world.

That’s right folks, the cutest puppy in the whole world lives in Chengdu-somewhere around Qingyang Dong Lu.  And apparently, he has a thing for chihuahuas?

Well, nobody’s perfect.


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