China in Photos

China in Photos: Day No. 17

That’s a badly-lit picture taken at my favorite fuit vendor’s stand…across the street from my favorite hot pot place…kitty corner to my favorite (well, favorite and only) French cafe in Chengdu.

So basically this little tiny intersection represents probably my favorite 1,000 square feet in the whole city.

One of my favorite things about living here are the fruit stands.  They are everywhere.

You could buy your fruit at the grocery store, or at the wet market, or at the fancy new imported fruit stores, but why bother with that when you can have your own around-the-corner-when-you-need-a-lychee-fix-where-everybody-knows-your-name sort of place just steps from your front door?

Or in my case, just steps from my favorite cafe and hot pot establishments.

Anyways, the fruit vendors make Chengdu a really wonderful place to live, especially when you are as big a fresh-fruit addict as I am.  I love the mix of random Western fruits (sour cherries anyone?  apples from Chile?) Southern China favorites (dragonfruit, lychee, mango) and everything in between.

Next time I’ll get a better picture of the place and tomorrow will hopefully also be more photogenic.  As for today, I blame the Chinese DMV and the croissant-making extravaganza I embarked upon at 2:30 this afternoon.

Oh snap, that’s right, I took the plunge.  Tomorrow morning we’ll know for sure whether homemade croissants are really worth the prolonged sequence of waiting and rolling, and folding, and chilling.

I promise pictures and recipes if they turn out buttery-flaky-fabulous.


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